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Created July 17, 2018

Creation Kings

|| Welcome to Creation Kings ||

We’re just a simple group for chilling and creating music. Anyone feel free to join, all are welcome!

|| Simple Rules ||

1. Posting: Post how many tracks you want of any kind; full tracks, WIPS, announcement tracks, etc. Just don’t hog the spotlight.

2. Respect: Show respect to the members. We’re all just a bunch of random people trying to have a good time, so be mindful when using foul language and rude jokes.

3. Featured Groups/Tracks: Read below for information.

4. Have Fun: Enjoy your time here at Creation Kings!

Overall, do whatever you want, just be respectful/mindful. Not too hard, huh?

|| Track Features ||

Every once in a while I just select a couple of random tracks and put them up there. If you’d like a track featured, just P.M me or ask below in the comments. It is not guaranteed I will feature your track, but most of the time you’ll probably get a spot.

|| Group Features ||

None at the moment. Just P.M me or ask below in the comments if you’d like some of your groups featured. Your group will be featured until you ask for me to remove it. Please note that you can only feature three groups max at a time.

|| Announcements ||

Notice from AylaMoon: just want to let you guys know I’m not really active here on Soundation anymore. I do pop in every once in a while to update featured tracks and check up on things, but don’t be surprised if things get slow. Excuse any inconvenience.


over 2 years ago


AylaMoon  Avatar
over 2 years ago

(I'm late LOL, but) Galaxy Wolf, please refrain from spamming in the future. I removed some of your messages to create a more freed up space.

Blue Beast Studios Avatar
Blue Beast Studios
over 2 years ago

Sorry for the wait. For everyone Working on Trap life with me. Work on it has begun :)

Blue Beast Studios Avatar
Blue Beast Studios
over 2 years ago

https://soundation.com/projects/7f43e3b8-4d08-45ad-bc71-b410364c9564 Lets work together on this beat I'm making.