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Complete the Track Contest: Progressive House Group Profile Picture
Created March 02, 2018

Complete the Track Contest: Progressive House

Winner announcements!

Wow! 87 firetastic submissions.

Let’s get straight to it PETE, what’s the verdict?

Well I’ll be damned if there’s been a better arsenal of submissions in a single contest. You guys made my job of judging incredibly difficult, the level was insane!

Honorable mentions

Now, before we look at who’s taken the podium, let’s give a hand to some honorable mentions:

Hyphen sorry to break the streak bro, this judging thing ain’t easy and it’s not thanks to you lol. Your production was exceptional but the execution wasn’t there for me. Keep stirring up the great tunes man:)

Missiony damn, what a good remix. You had a great vibe going and the sound design was mint, but the production and execution were missing some zest.

Okie dokie then. Podium time!

The Podium

First place – 4xharley

Congratulations to:

  • A year of Creator
  • Europa
  • Sample pack of choice from the shop
  • Featured track

    It’s an honor to say that in first place we have: 4xharley. When somebody comes along and submits a song like this, I feel guilty that all you get as reward is a 1st place title. Then I remembered that you also get epic prizes. This song was first place in my heart before I even heard any other submissions, and it stayed that way up until now. Production? Astounding. Execution? Who needs to make a pre-drop fill anyway? Vibe? It’s a heckin’ vibe! Thanks for this masterpiece and congratulations on getting your first feature:)


    Second place – Aikue

    Congratulations to:

  • A year of Starter
  • Sample pack of choice from the shop

    GAAAAHHH TRIIIIPLEEEEETS!!!!! Bro, what a banger. What. A. Banger! This has to be the best of the legendary buzz songs yet, with the brilliant execution and exceptional production. The sound design was pretty sick, but those high ends hurt at parts. Overall, amazing job bro! Alrighty then. I think we all saw this coming.


    Third place – Hxppy

    Congratulations to:

  • Sample pack of choice from the shop
    In third place, can we give a fat shout to Hxppy – your description says it all. You knew it would impress me, and you were too right. Excellent execution and a banger vibe made it an obvious podium contender. The production quality could have been slightly cleaner, but this issue is dwarfed by the song’s positives.
    Good job folks, made me and the Soundation crew proud. This is ya boy PETE peacin’ out!


    Moon Avatar
    6 months ago


    JWill Avatar
    6 months ago

    I know, right?

    Amber  Avatar
    6 months ago


    B4S5REAP3R Avatar
    6 months ago

    Well I missed it sadje :'(

    Hyphen Avatar
    6 months ago

    I second that :D

    funk soul brother Avatar
    funk soul brother
    6 months ago

    Can't wait for the winners!

    Mr.Man  Avatar
    6 months ago

    Sorry, I wasn't able to post the extended remix in time guys, but I'll finish it...It's worth the wait if I'm honest- I feel stupid- Idk why tho-

    Rapture5537 Avatar
    6 months ago

    aye,same.haven't been doing much with my life.well,too late for me.do your best everyone.may the best creator win.

    Reptilian Avatar
    6 months ago

    Lmao just saw this

    Hyphen Avatar
    6 months ago

    Well, I finished :P