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Created August 25, 2015

Goldenbeat's Diamonds & Menerals Artist.

What do I mean by Diamonds & Minerals?Well Diamonds & Minerals are VALUABLE right? (Diamonds & minerals) artist means you make from the heart & what’s on your heart, and post it whatever way you want it to be, whoever you are make your music and make your track in your own unique way , always remember there will never be another person like you, God made everybody different,BUT I DON’T ALLOW NO INAPPROPRIATE FOUL TRACKS! . OH AND OUR (AOTW)(Artist Of The week) IS…DRUM ROLE PLEASE……. ( ? ) & OUR CO AOTW IS ( ? )

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GøldenBeats  Avatar
over 7 years ago

NVM (never mind )

GøldenBeats  Avatar
over 7 years ago

Why can't I post my song An hevenly orchestra