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Created March 26, 2019


Hey guys, I just made this group for people to post songs to gain popularity. There is also a competition for a feature with a topic. You don’t have to do the topic but you can if you want to. Also please subscribe to my YouTube channel @JosHakam.

So how it’s going to work is when I feel like it, I will listen to the songs in this group and choose my 3 favorite recent ones…

There is no genre but know that I enjoy EDM, Rap, and groovy beats… Oh and don’t forget drums with the high EQ turned down, those get me.


𝕮𝕭 Avatar
over 3 years ago

Guys go check out my channel, I posted a new song.

123 Avatar
over 3 years ago

check out my stuff just cuz i dont need a reason. i just wanna get a feature

little hollow  Avatar
little hollow
over 3 years ago

Jos what's happening? wit the contest?

Burnie Beats Avatar
Burnie Beats
over 3 years ago

Yo when does this end? I've got something cooking and i don't wanna miss the deadline

little hollow  Avatar
little hollow
almost 4 years ago

Yo has it started again or not?

little hollow  Avatar
little hollow
almost 4 years ago

lol just noticed i can't re publish stuff here