Music Genre
Created August 22, 2021


You new? You a legend? Wanna grow a bit in a more active part of the community? Well I got you a new Home! :D We post and share artists and songs of all varieties really. ^^’ So there’s a lot of flavors to try.

(I’m weird yes, but I’m making this for people who want to just grow and share music.)

You can shout out someone (I will if you don’t), you can post music (I will if you don’t), and you can reach out to people and talk to them so you can collab! :D (I won’t cause I’m agoraphobic. x’D I will feature songs tho, try and help you discover an artist here.)

Anyways, yes, this is just another music group, except it’s hosted by another weird person on the internet. See ya around! Welcome to your new Home in Soundation!


Bright Beats
17 days ago

thanks for the feature!

Bright Beats
19 days ago

Im glad I found this group. From the description it seems like my type of place! anyways, I like to experiment with lots of styles of music but I often make downtempo ambient songs with elements of classical. Life is pretty busy so i post inconsistently, but Im always active in the community. I just want to improve my music and give and give feedback. Pm me if you ever want to collab!