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King Pudi Cloudy Days Remix Challenge Group Profile Picture
Created May 13, 2020

King Pudi Cloudy Days Remix Challenge

King Pudi: Okay so I enjoyed every single one of these remixes that every one of you who participated made. *It was Very Hard to make a decision and I want you to all know that you did amazing jobs.So here are the Winner’s anouncements:1st Place: Noise Byte for a beautiful dark track, love the UK vibes! Your Prizes is one item from the soundshop except for Parametric EQ courtsey of Kal (Consult Kal for your prize) , feature in this group and a shout out in my bio!2nd Place: Panda for a completely dramatic and changed melodic track! Your Prizes are a shoutout in my bio, and a feature in this group!3rd Place OKAMI_V2 Every one of the judges loved the change in the track’s sound design and structure. Your Prizes is a feature in this group & a shoutout in my bio!Alright and just to clarify these track’s were very hard to judge which place to put them in. So we judged by S.A.U.C.E which was originally implemented by Noah Millar’s Coastline Remix challengeAlso here is some of our favorite remixed tracks that we liked as well for an honorable mention ceremony!-The Time Jumper—Prod. [ocolix]—MVM— P!X3L_ PuNk—R3PL4CED—Red Beatz—OFT-We enjoyed judging this contest and thank you for participating, it was truly an amazing Challenge! WE look forward to the next one. Sincerely, King Pudi, OFT & Red BeatzIf you have not already joined the Menace Remix Challenge here is the link to do so It will be judged by the same judges and same portfolio >>> https://soundation.com/group/king_pudi_menace_remix_challenge-Updated July 24th @ 10:17 AM (EST)-


MVM ♪ Avatar
almost 3 years ago

when you can't bother to make your own description: *takes desc from noah millars remix contest

Noise Byte Avatar
Noise Byte
almost 3 years ago

when you can't be bothered to read the title of the group nor any of the rules, so you post a completely unrelated track. -.- dumbasses lmao

𝕄𝕌𝕊𝕀ℂ 𝓑𝓨𝓣𝓔 ♪  Avatar

Wait.. Isn't this rules and requirements taken from Noah Millar's Coastline remix contest?

Cheap flights Avatar
Cheap flights
almost 3 years ago

Uh oh tdogg spam meta

TTJ Avatar
almost 3 years ago

I have no idea why it clearly says only post tracks that go with the contest.

R3PL4CED  Avatar
almost 3 years ago

why do people keep posting songs that arent the remix here

Cheap flights Avatar
Cheap flights
almost 3 years ago

@ panda, same

Key Lime Canid Avatar
Key Lime Canid
almost 3 years ago

I'm confused, there isn't a 31st of June this year, and it wouldn't even land on Sunday.

Oh shoot did it mean 31st of May? which is today? a Sunday?

♛ Panda Avatar
♛ Panda
almost 3 years ago

my skills at making music is like at 1/10 but my remix skills is like 0,0000069/10

Laura Giraldo Avatar
Laura Giraldo
almost 3 years ago

I loved all this tracks specially because af the rythms and all the instruments they use. I think they are very creative and ispiring.