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Created March 07, 2012

Music for Fun

This group is aimed to give members a fun experience while they work with Soundation Studio. For Soundation users wanting help with basic studio functions or if users need advice on how to make a particular track work. This is also a group for anyone that would like to share their music and love of music! No special requirements needed. You’re a music lover and that’s good enough!



You are more than welcome to send in group icons for MFF! If you do create a group icon for MFF throw me a PM and I’ll give it a look!


It’s pretty dead but feel free to chat it up :p be nice


LeafTree Avatar
11 months ago

https://soundation.com/user/LeafTree/track/djung-sjoge Hi. This is a new song of mine. I made it.

Chapman_2442 Avatar
11 months ago

colab with me and there will be potential money and an exclusive trip to Paris, France... Thats where I live.

QubixAudio Avatar
11 months ago

Hey, checkout the intro to my newest album on my page! full album coming out in 2 hours

The Patriot Beast Avatar
The Patriot Beast
11 months ago

Hey guys! I forgot to post my 2 newest beats in the comments. For a nice cinematic beat (IN SPACE) then you should listen to Trapped In Space: https://soundation.com/user/patriot-beast-music/track/trapped-in-space And for my second beat, it's another Forgotten Dreams beat. My friend wanted another theme song for another character. Here it is! Aelia: https://soundation.com/user/patriot-beast-music/track/aelia Hope you like them!

The Patriot Beast Avatar
The Patriot Beast
11 months ago

Just posted an awesome trap collab! It's A Trap! Check it out here!:https://soundation.com/user/patriot-beast-music/track/it-s-a-trap-the-patriot-beast-x-troy-talbot

DUTCH Avatar
11 months ago

Check out titans fall: https://soundation.com/user/DUTCH/track/titans-fall

SomethingObvious Avatar
11 months ago

Nice To meet you all.. I'm SomethingObvious and I have +17 Albums with unique Tracks So you might find Something that might inspire you or catch your interest I am most known for My Horror Ambience.

BeanWithGoggles (Offline) Avatar

Made a new song called Smoke and Dust. Pretty good in my opinion, check it out I guess. https://soundation.com/user/TheMusicalBean/track/smoke-and-dust