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Created February 18, 2021


welcome to my house.

here, we post music, give and get feedback, shoutout other folks, and enjoy what we are here for; music.

i don’t think i need to spit up the same old paragraph of rules we have read a million times to get things straight, so just follow them. be kind, and no talking others or they’re work down.

any genre is welcome, but in PETE’s house, HOUSE is a Biggy. i would love to feature some stuff, and not just whatever is trending, but what i feel deserves a little pat on the back.

feel free to join. peace:)


AUG 7th: (2021)
with pilot out of the way, i have 2 major things coming you’re way

FEB 2nd (2022)
.my Europa preset pack is now available in beta stage, so if you’re interested in trying out some of my sounds, hit me up on discord (PETE#3165).

.i have a ton of new songs on the way within the next little while so keep an eye out for that:)


⁹⁹⁹𝙎𝙝𝙮⭒𝙂𝙪𝙧𝙡♪ (offline) Avatar

if u guys don't mind, plz check it out https://soundation.com/t/e7hba thx <33

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TΘρ ↯ ʞÑθ₸
over 1 year ago


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over 1 year ago

oof spring break happens and i had to use a real state of the art (fifty years ago) laptop, which would lag just from using google in general.