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Created May 28, 2013


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Pamela Suozzi Avatar
Pamela Suozzi
10 months ago

Hey guys! Check out my Logic Pro X tutorial! https://soundation.com/user/pamsuozzi/track/logic-pro-x-tutorial

CHRI5 ♪ Avatar
over 1 year ago

My Christmas album is out now! I spent a lot of time on it I’d appreciate it if you could listen to it and give me some feedback 🙂 https://soundation.com/group/merry_chri5mas_album

CHRI5 ♪ Avatar
over 1 year ago

The full version of my trending song Here We Go is out now! Go check it out and let me know what you think: https://soundation.com/user/CHRI5/track/here-we-go-ft-platinum

Prod. GT Avatar
Prod. GT
over 1 year ago

check this out ( you wont regret it) :) https://soundation.com/t/e59ot

ℕ𝕠𝕥𝕖𝕔𝕜 Avatar
over 1 year ago

Hi, i think.....

🐺 The Lone Wolf 🐺 Avatar
🐺 The Lone Wolf 🐺
almost 2 years ago

check out one of my 3 songs hope you enjoy