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Created May 05, 2012

Sound of Advancement

Skits has passed along leadership to me, and I will try to make it just as good as he left it :)

The contest will continue, and I have the bracket saved and showable to you guys here’s the link.

Contest Bracket


Holy Nasty (Formally There) Avatar
Holy Nasty (Formally There)
over 9 years ago

http://soundation.com/user/DubMob/track/dubmob-s-island-club-best-club-mix-so-far check out my best house mix so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RHO Avatar
over 9 years ago

https://soundcloud.com/dsonix Plz check out my new track!

Triskelight Avatar
over 9 years ago

Heya SoA! Just to show you all I'm still here and making music when I feel like it, here's something new I just finished! :D http://soundation.com/user/The_Arctic_Fox/track/audiopamine

gregL Avatar
over 9 years ago

I finished my cover of Avicii's Fade Into Darkness: http://soundation.com/user/gregleddy/track/fade-into-darkness-cover

Audial Avatar
over 9 years ago

and check my music theory group, if need help or can give it http://soundation.com/group/music-theory

Audial Avatar
over 9 years ago

Anyone like moby, check this recreation I've done (WIP) http://soundation.com/user/duskmusicuk/track/moby-why-does-my-heart-feel-so-bad-just-messing-around

Mr.Right Avatar
over 9 years ago

http://soundation.com/user/mr-right/track/just-the-begining listen to full track and leave feedback

ArtWork Avatar
over 9 years ago

It's Finally DONE!!! Get up, Listen, And get your disco on!!! Who say's Disco is dead??? http://soundation.com/user/artwork2550/track/disco-forever

Calum Hood Avatar
Calum Hood
over 9 years ago

made a new house music track - http://soundation.com/user/calh/track/bring-back-the-summer please tell me what you think