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Created February 26, 2020

Wild Wind Remix

I am attempting to become more active in the Soundation community (again). This Group serves as a remix competition for my song Wild Wind . I’m posting the raw, unedited stems to Wild Wind for anyone to download and use, the link can be found down there.



1. Don’t claim the song as you’re own, give credit to Riva (in title)

2. Can be remixed in any DAW, not limited to Soundation Studio

3. Any song posted not related to the competition will be removed, and I will be mad >:(

4. Don’t spam comments or songs

I will be ranking the songs based on creativity, effort, mixing and mastering, and overall cool-ness.


Depending on how many people post, there will be 3 to 5 winners.

First Place :

First place spot in the group, reposted on social media, all my love, and 20 SLAMMIN’ BUCKS ON PAYPAL!

Second Place :

Second place spot in the group, reposted on social media, most of my love, and a CRISP 10-er on PayPal

Third Place :

Third place spot in the group, reposted on social media, a lot of my love, and 5 dollars PayPal :)

Fourth and Fifth Place (Honorable Mentions) :

My love and a repost

Your Remix does not have to follow the genre, tempo, or vibe of the original. You can use any, all, but at least one of the stems.

If y’all have any questions, PM me, use the comments below, or join my discord https://discord.gg/DWB7wufY . Good luck, I can’t wait to hear!


(could change depending on submissions, but for now its)



RIVA Avatar
over 2 years ago


K I T C S H (PolyVersse) Avatar
K I T C S H (PolyVersse)
over 2 years ago

Cool to see some people actually trying to improve the community here instead of just complaining about it. :)

Lettasu Avatar
over 2 years ago


little hollow  Avatar
little hollow
over 2 years ago

lol I'll post something when I make a new track. I'm pretty sure you've already listened to my newest stuff

RIVA Avatar
over 2 years ago

You guys can post here

ocolix  Avatar
over 2 years ago


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over 2 years ago


Noah Millar ♪  Avatar
Noah Millar ♪
over 2 years ago

Ooh lovely 👍👍