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XWolf EDM  Avatar
about 4 years ago

that growl is probaly not the best. but im sure you put a lot of effort into this song

Precious Avatar
about 4 years ago

hi i think you are pretty hot i wondered if you will go out with me

[this project has concluded] Avatar
[this project has concluded]
about 4 years ago

oml that old SHOCKWAVE style YESSS

Chordial Avatar
over 4 years ago

this is a banger dave

Caffeinayt Avatar
over 4 years ago

Nice and loud lmao

ChordsBoy Avatar
over 4 years ago

Holy crow app! Amazing stuff! Not sure which parts are yours and which ones aren't, but I'm too lazy to find out :3 (Also, please feel better, man. I hate it when creative and talented people don't realize how awesome they are for whatever reason :D)

. Avatar
over 4 years ago

Fucking intense, though the leveling is a bit off. I love it.

Dead Dave Avatar
Dead Dave
over 4 years ago

thanks man

elemental. Avatar
over 4 years ago

This is great! Nice work. Sorry 'bout all the troubles that have been plaguing you, hope things start looking up for you! :D

Dead Dave Avatar
Dead Dave
over 4 years ago

---and music stuff sorry guys oof.