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 Heavens Hell Avatar
Heavens Hell
over 1 year ago

Undying Flame By Heavens Hell This is a story of the outlet of the Kami,Amaterasu,Tsukuyomi and Susanoo Called Ghosts (Related to Ghost of Tsushima PS4 ) and there names are Haruki Sun, Mizuki, Moon, Arashi Storm, they come from different Clans and different backgrounds Haruki from Saiki Clan,(Sai-k) Mizuki from Shimura(Shim-ma-ra) Clan, Arashi Yacanawa Clan (Ya-Ca-na-wa) Yacanawa wasn't the best to grow up in or the worst, but he learned a lesson that he will never forget his father died to bandits because he showed emotion, and his son could not save him, so he vowed to save everyone.