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J-SNAP(pimp) Avatar
almost 8 years ago

whats up boy

Cartsoul Avatar
almost 8 years ago

What everyone says is true. Maybe when you do the full track you can add fit-able audio clips. Great for testing out the piano roll the MIDI possesses.

EDV!N - E ! Avatar
EDV!N - E !
about 8 years ago

@Elizalde Yeah. He`s one of the most popular users on soundatio and his tracks is just drag and drop. wold like to see something a little bit proffesional

Foresight Avatar
about 8 years ago

C'mon man, you're a top user. Try using MIDI's instead of just drag and drop loops. At least cut the loops up, put some FX on them and stuff. This is clearly just drag and drop. I'd love to see more from you man.

3de World Reject Avatar
3de World Reject
about 8 years ago

Sounds nice, make it a full track now?