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ocolix  Avatar
over 3 years ago


Vacant Avatar
over 3 years ago

certified bruh moment

StarSplitter Avatar
over 3 years ago

unlike me ay

Nal Avatar
over 3 years ago

bruh my homie got clout

StarSplitter Avatar
over 3 years ago

Ay vcnt

iNFCT Avatar
over 3 years ago

so i saw this track and was like..

challenge accepted..

so here we go

I just make the music for the thrill tho

not about the fame do it for giggles

lyricist may resist empiricists

once i take you off the list

forever by beating you with lyrical fist

its a miracle to spit anything these day

cause everyone trying get some critical feedback

on their fetical track

"what you think bro", "not cutting you slack"

"I'm new to the game", "it sounded like crap"

"the track aint done tho", "stay out of rap"

iNFCT Avatar
over 3 years ago

never gonna be the one to get it

just to kill it im the realist

i just wanna make it out to the friend

who never let me head in the direction

of the fake people who just want the fame

I just want to thank them

always gonna be the one to boost you

even tho i got alot of boxes with out any tissues

bruh can you even folow the train of thought that i got

like im beggin for attention, put a dollar in my box

iNFCT Avatar
over 3 years ago

Where the heck did all my freaking time go?

I'm acting like i got a vacant mind haha

dont even try to take this out of line, bro

I'm glad you like the beat, its not mine tho

I'm a hit you with the lyrical sweat

like a bullet to the vest

coming at me sideways

Ima put you to the test

whatever these words wont do

the flow of the iNFCT will clean up the rest

ya know I had to be the one to do it, Uh-Sah

gotta leave everything on the table for my brah

thanks for the beat MND, give him a hug

I did this in a day, bro WHAT THE FUDGE (giggling)