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99RED Avatar
over 6 years ago

It was right around midnight, my brain is confused, all affright. Look out the window, the stars bright, but I'm in the dark call me the Dark Knight. How do you expect to cross me? I'm calling shots like Nike, can't fight me. I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, Mohammed Ali, I won't stop until I hear you plea, plea for mercy, "Don't hurt me." I murdered this beat. This track can't stand in my way, so neither can you, back off and go home to your boo, just watch exactly what I can do. Hook: Is that a raven? A crow? No. It's poetry, that's Edgar Allen Poe.

mafia king Avatar
mafia king
over 8 years ago

you these demons torment me day and night they got my heart full of fright its like every day is a dark night ha ha yeah call me jason cuz im a murderer yeah ill fuckk yo bitch and claim i never heard of her/ scarier than annabelle the devil kicked me out of hell i hope yall niggas livin well cuz i stab you in the back n throw you in a well