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Eden Pigeon ♪ Avatar
Eden Pigeon ♪
about 2 years ago

when you get top likes list for using loops

skyy11-gallagher Avatar
over 2 years ago

this is amazing xx

limeelf128744 Avatar
over 4 years ago

How do you upload this? Its amazing!

SoftballGirlE Avatar
over 4 years ago

I can't stop listening to the song it is so good

xXShadowHawkXx Avatar
over 4 years ago

Great song bro, you are truly pro and I loved how you were able to make the piano a big part of your song even though its pretty hard too! If i were to guest I think mostly everyone would say that this is the best song ever created! Like the other guy said in the comments i love it so much because, of the mint beat! Overall, great song and keep working your magic.

QueenBeePhoenix Avatar
over 4 years ago

love it so awesome you sound so pro nice job I love it sooooooooooo much

Sound master Avatar
Sound master
almost 5 years ago

i wanna upload this

popqueen13 Avatar
over 5 years ago

love the song u inspire me sooo much this song has a mint beat

... Avatar
over 5 years ago

Nice. I love it. It's the kind of song that makes you think.