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Big Roshi Avatar
Big Roshi
almost 11 years ago

Im sorry fox, this ones gonna hurt :(. 1/10 originality: The midis were all the same sounds just with different pre-made notes. 3/10: creativity: While they weren't your notes you still moved them around to sound good. 2/10 Skill: Very choppy feeling to the music, added to the pre-made notes being the only thing used I couldn't have given you a higher score. You could have at least used a drum pattern dude, come on. Overall: 6/30

Ma-Lacky Avatar
almost 11 years ago

Skill: 4/10 it sounded like all you did was drop some random MIDI's. Creativity 3/10. orginality 3/10 no orginal notes here foxy. your better than this dude. total 10/30

Xodus Avatar
almost 11 years ago

hmmm.ima make a real good trak...jus wait n see

Oozzie Avatar
almost 11 years ago

okay i'ma have to agree with everyone on this. i like the old version better. see ive become one of those producers that really doesn't mind free sounds, when they're put together creatively. plz listen to my alphabattle contest entries. i've got 3 so far, all with free sounds that could help. (just trying to dem tracks out ya know)

almost 11 years ago

Originality 2/10 No original notes from scratch whatsoever Creativity 4/10 Very simple sounds and it seems like you just dropped random midi files in Skill 2/10 Ur a lot better than this Fox. Honestly I want to give you a much higher score because i know what your capable of but this would be really easy to mimic

平和の島 Avatar
almost 11 years ago

Hmmm, DJ Fox... Are you going "MIDI Style" on us? :P *Secret Judge* Originality 2.0/5.0; Creativity 1.5/5.0 total. Nahhh, just joking! It needs some work in the flow of the rhythm. For example, the carry-over between the first waves and the bridge (the small waves in the middle) sound off beat which kind of "hurts" the track a bit. However, it is not irritating or annoying. I am wondering what your use of the term "Memories" implies? In otherwords, what was your inspiration for this particular tracks' title? It brings me back to the good old days of videogaming lol.

Xodus Avatar
almost 11 years ago

thnx Imperial Gold

tirasunil Avatar
almost 11 years ago

Okay. Originality 3/10, bro these are all from the MIDI sets in the free library, unless I'm sorely mistaken. Creativity 3/10 umm you placed them in order. And skill well I know you're good Fox but this is not it. 2/10. 8/30 total.