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Electric Thunder  Avatar
Electric Thunder
almost 3 years ago

This is awesomest!

Shockade Avatar
over 9 years ago

Love this. I don't know how people work the damn loops on this thing but have this stuff down to an art.

Unorthadox Avatar
almost 10 years ago

Just completed the spiritual successor of this song. It's featured on my group, and on my profile. Look for The Farthest Island East. If you liked this, you won't be dissapointed.

Unorthadox Avatar
almost 10 years ago

Thanks! I'm on an original track hiatus, but when I return to writing I'll implement some of these ideas.

Oozzie Avatar
almost 10 years ago

very nice melodys and sounds but it feels a bit awkward when it goes from that first riff into the next

Unorthadox Avatar
almost 10 years ago

It's original, indeed. Thanks for the feedback! Most people don't understand that just a simple "nice" can inspire and motivate. So, do you think it's worth adding a beat to it? Any other suggestions if I do re-do the song?

Luminous (Formerly dApl8ya) Avatar
Luminous (Formerly dApl8ya)
almost 10 years ago

Wow! I assume it's original...great job...add a beat and you are looking at a top notch song!