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Created July 25, 2012


Welcome to the New E.R.A of music. The purpose of this group is all in the name.. New E.R.A. means “New Empire of Rising Artists”…this group is for new artists who show a special talent for music. This is also for the All-Stars, Masters, Pros, and the users who have been here for a while who have shown their skills…If you would like to join, leave a comment and I will check out your tracks…Reported Users WILL NOT BE INVITED!


These are true leaders who will help me keep this group active and fun

Mr MaJesTic


You must meet one of these requirents to join…

I. You can’t be a reported user…IF the CSI removes your reported status, you may be invited.

II. If you are a well-known user with a clean record and you got skills, you’ll be invited.

If you are in a pro/all-star/elite group(like SoA , Soundation Masters , Ministry of Soundation .etc), you’ll be be invited.


Also, you can’t be a troll! Trolls aren’t allowed! I WILL BE checking everyone’s account to make sure they meet ALL requirements.


If you fail these rules, you’ll get kicked out..You CAN get redeemed(re-invited)

I. No Cursing

II. No spamming

ABSOLUTELY NO TROLLING! If you troll, you will get BANNED, not kicked out. When you’re banned, you’re gone for good.


Nesta Malcolm Avatar
Nesta Malcolm
almost 8 years ago

Can I get in? https://soundation.com/t/d7tah Hey guys this is my new Collab with TC-5. We would both really appreciate it if you checked it out thanks. Btw if u were wondering this is tropical house, it's called spring wind

Edug95 Avatar
over 9 years ago

https://soundcloud.com/edu_95/welcome-to-colombia Pure Colombian Music!!

ArtWork Avatar
over 9 years ago

So ... How do I get into your high caliber group? Will this suffice? http://soundation.com/user/artwork/track/disco-galaxy

ezequiel Avatar
about 10 years ago

Hey guys listen to my new song please

paulinaomel Avatar
over 10 years ago

Hi, like my track :) Im hard of hearing.

XJM Avatar
over 10 years ago

Got a new house track in the works! Check it out here: WTF (WIP) :D

XJM Avatar
almost 11 years ago

check out some of the latest tracks that I have done! I've got an ever growing number of tracks to toy with so you'll be sure to see new things from me. Take a look at the first page of my profile! XJM's Profile Please enjoy what you hear :)

XJM Avatar
almost 11 years ago

Well looky that! I have a new track in the works ^^ doesn't have a title yet and I'm not quite sure what to do with it... But here it is if you're curious ;3 newStem (WIP). I'm aiming for this to be dancy or kind of EDM kind of thing.

P-NICE Avatar
almost 11 years ago

This is P-NICE check me out and see if I meet the requirements.