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Keyboard shortcuts

Get more efficient with your music production workflow in Soundation by learning these shortcuts.

ActionSoundationAbleton LiveLogicInfo
Add audio channel888
Add instrument channel999
Show master channel0Cmd/Ctrl + 00Show/hide master channel
Toggle metronomeShift + MCmd/Ctrl + MKTurn metronome on/off
Toggle recordingRF9RToggle recording for selected channel
Toggle loopOCmd/Ctrl + LCToggle loop locators for playback on(off
Show/hide libraryCmd/Ctrl + LCmd/Ctrl + BYShow/hide loop library
Bypass effectAltAltAlt
Close windowEscEscEscClose the active window
Close all windowsShift + EscShift + EscShift + EscClose all open windows
Toggle automation laneAAAShow/hide automation for selected channel
Toggle all automation lanesShift + AShift + AShift + AShow/hide automation for all channels
Toggle soloSSSSolo on/off for selected channel
Toggle muteMShift + MMMute on/off for selected channel
Unsolo/Unmute allAlt + M, Alt + S, AltAlt + M, Alt + S, Cmd/CtrlAlt + M, Cmd/Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S, AltUnsolo/unmute all channels
Toggle effectsFFFShow/hide effect list for selected channel
Virtual keyboard
ActivateK or Cmd/Ctrl + KMCmd/Ctrl + Alt + KTo play selected channel with computer keyboard
Change octaveX, ZX, ZX, ZToggle between octaves on virtual keyboard
Change velocityV, CV, CV, CIncrease/decrease velocity on virtual keyboard
Play virtual keyboardA, W, S, E, D, F, T, G, Y, H, U, J, K, O, L, PA, W, S, E, D, F, T, G, Y, H, U, J, K, O, L, PA, W, S, E, D, F, T, G, Y, H, U, J, K, O, L, P
New songCmd/Ctrl + Alt + NCmd/Ctrl + Alt + NCmd/Ctrl + Alt + NCreate a new song
Open songCmd/Ctrl + OCmd/Ctrl + OCmd/Ctrl + OOpen a song from the project list
PublishCmd/Ctrl + PCmd/Ctrl + PCmd/Ctrl + PPublish the song to community
UndoCmd/Ctrl + ZCmd/Ctrl + ZCmd/Ctrl + Z
RedoCmd/Ctrl + Shift + ZCmd/Ctrl + Shift + ZCmd/Ctrl + Shift + Z
Copy (notes, clips, effects)Cmd/Ctrl + CCmd/Ctrl + CCmd/Ctrl + CCopy notes, clips, effects
Paste (notes, clips, effects)Cmd/Ctrl + VCmd/Ctrl + VCmd/Ctrl + VPaste notes, clips, effects
Cut (notes, clips, effects)Cmd/Ctrl + XCmd/Ctrl + XCmd/Ctrl + XCut notes, clips, effects
Duplicate (notes, clips, channels, effects)Cmd/Ctrl + DCmd/Ctrl + DCmd/Ctrl + DDuplicate notes, clips, channels, effects
Delete (notes, clips, channels, effects)Del or BackspaceDel or BackspaceDel or BackspaceDelete notes, clips, channels, effects
Mute/unmute clipCmd/Ctrl + M0Cmd/Ctrl + MMute/unmute selected clips
Consolidate clipsCmd/Ctrl + JCmd/Ctrl + JCmd/Ctrl + JConsolidate selected clips (MIDI only)
Arrangement view
Pointer tool111Activate pointer tool
Scissor tool22 or Ctrl + E2Activate scissor tool
Stretch tool333Activate velocity tool
Pitch tool444Activate pitch stretch tool
Time stretch clipShiftShiftShiftHold and drag edge of clip to time stretch
Pitch stretch clipShift + AltCmd/Ctrl + AltCmd/Ctrl + AltHold and drag edge of clip to pitch stretch
Note clip view
Arrow tool111Activate arrow tool
Pen tool222Activate pen tool
Velocity tool333Activate velocity tool
Toggle pen toolBBBToggle between pen and pointer tool
MultiselectShiftShiftShiftAdd/remove to selection (notes, clips, effects)
Select allCmd/Ctrl + ACmd/Ctrl + ACmd/Ctrl + ASelect all clips, notes
Piano roll key selectCmd/CtrlCmd/CtrlShiftSelect keys in pitch
Add or remove notes in pitch to note selectionCmd/Ctrl + ShiftCmd/Ctrl + ShiftCmd/Ctrl + Shift
Select regions in channelCmd/CtrlCmd/CtrlShift
Slippy move (temporarily)Cmd/CtrlCmd/CtrlCmd/Ctrl
Restricted moveShiftShiftShift
Move notesUp, Down, Left, RightUp, Down, Left, RightUp, Down, Left, Right
Move notes in octavesShift + Up, Shift + DownShift + Up, Shift + DownShift + Alt + Up, Shift + Alt + Down
Fine tune knob valueShiftShiftShift
Duplicate clipAltAltAlt
Play / pauseSpace, Cmd/Ctrl + Space or Shift + SpaceSpace, Cmd/Ctrl + Space or Shift + SpaceEnter or Space, Cmd/Ctrl + Space or Shift + Space
Reset playbackEnterHomeCmd/Ctrl + .
Move playhead 1 bar backwardsLeftLeft,
Move playhead 1 bar forwardsRightRight.
Zoom horizontallyCmd/CtrlCmd/CtrlCmd/Ctrl
Zoom verticallyCmd/Ctrl + AltCmd/Ctrl + AltCmd/Ctrl + Alt
Zoom horizontally one stepPlus, MinusPlus, MinusCmd/Ctrl + Left, Cmd/Ctrl + Right
Zoom vertically one stepCmd/Ctrl + Plus, Cmd/Ctrl + MinusCmd/Ctrl + Plus, Cmd/Ctrl + MinusCmd/Ctrl + Up, Cmd/Ctrl + Down

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