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Created July 12, 2018

Newbies Corner

Hej! Ciao! Hola! Hello! We see you’ve found the new Soundation’s Newbies Corner. :)

Tell everyone a little bit about yourself. Where you’re from, what’s your audio background, who are your musical heroes, what are your dream collabs.

Feel free to post a question here if you’re curious about anything – there are no stupid questions. And if you are a Soundation pro, please don’t hesitate to offer your experience and wisdom. We all had to start somewhere!


kieran-bentley5839 Avatar
3 days ago


Alex Commoname Avatar
Alex Commoname
17 days ago

For the few people who have followed me, you may have wondered where I went, I have moved to FL studios now, I did have remix waiting to release but since don't have any subscriptions anymore, so I couldn't upload it, luckily I did export the MP3 and it's uploaded on to my Youtube channel which it's link here: https://youtu.be/M0BVqL0MzpI

Nu Beats Avatar
Nu Beats
21 days ago

Anyone want to collab on future projects? - https://soundation.com/user/nu_musicishereforyou/track/bigdreamer

baLancuh2! Avatar
24 days ago

Make sure whenever you're publishing multiple versions of a song that you change something about it, or it will have that error, or at least that's what I did when I had that issue; it may be a different cause though. You might wanna get with support maybe?

Bright Beats Avatar
Bright Beats
25 days ago

Hey yall, I'm wondering if anyone has some troubleshooting tips. Every time I try to publish this new track I made it says there was a processing error, However I am bellow the storage amount for my account type so I should be able to publish stuff. any ideas?

baLancuh2! Avatar
about 1 month ago

Heres the project yall can use: https://soundation.com/projects/c91a1f6b-44a4-47c5-a576-ebca2337103f

baLancuh2! Avatar
about 1 month ago

anyone wanna try out the new live chat thing?