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Created October 16, 2012



Beta posting is up!

Use your analytic instinct to create a track for every letter in the Greek alphabet! The winner of each character will have his track featured on this page until the next contest! This is an intense contest, so prepare yourself well. Get acquainted with the Greek letters and their meanings on Wikipedia. Alternatively, use http://www.trismegistos.com/magicalletterpage/mystics.html#anchor1765961.


Alpha: TBD.
Beta: WIP.


Title should include the English name of the Greek letter (i.e., Pi Monster or IotaWub).

UPDATE: Alphabet must be done IN ORDER. I will determine when the next letter round should start.

Letters α (alpha) and Ω (omega) will be allowed the most time, as they are the capstones for the set.

All genres are acceptable, but some are more acceptable than others. ;)

Post one track per letter. Must be UNDER 2:00 minutes, so think hard about what to put in it.

Have FUN doing this! Encourage others.

After this is over, I’ll pick the top winners for each letter and feature them in a group called ΛLPHΛPΛCK as a set.


Lowercase: αβγδεζηθικλμνξοπρστυφχψω

Note: The following are suggested cases of the letter you should use.

α: alpha [COMPLETE]
β: beta
γ: gamma
δ: delta
ε: epsilon
ζ: zeta
η: eta
θ: theta
ι: iota
K: kappa
Λ: lambda
μ: mu
ν: nu
ξ: xi
O: omikron
π: pi
ρ: rho
Σ: sigma
τ: tau
Y: upsilon
Φ: phi
X: chi
ψ: psi
Ω: omega


Currently, I’m the only judge. That may change.

Originality: + for your stuff, – for loops and such. 70 points.
Creativity: + for lots of change, – for repeats over and over. 70 points.
Skill: Totally subjective, so I won’t judge on it.
Association: + for relating to the letter with track and title, – for not. 10 easy points.

Total: 150 points.

Comment below!


XJM Avatar
over 10 years ago

Here's how I see it.... if you can do a short track in 2 minutes than any future tracks shouldn't be hard at all regardless of how long it is.

Heywhatchadoing? Avatar
over 10 years ago

Cyberbit I think under 2 minutes is waaaay to short to be a song, just IMHO. :)

Cyverbit Avatar
over 10 years ago

@XJM: Oliver: Great idea. I wonder if you could hack him to speak Greek. LOL. Letters: Good question. I think missing a few is fine. I haven't determined if there will be an overall winner yet, but I'll keep you posted.

XJM Avatar
over 10 years ago

thinking i'll try invoking Oliver at some point... Would definitely be excellent practice trying to write lyrics and notes in two weeks. Is it fine if we miss one or two letters or will that count against us? I'll keep aiming for each letter but just out of curiosity.

Ma-Lacky Avatar
over 10 years ago

Foogie your track has to be UNDER 2 minutes :P

Kracked Ekho / illRipper Avatar
Kracked Ekho / illRipper
over 10 years ago

i posted enjoy cyber bit

Ma-Lacky Avatar
over 10 years ago

Oooooh right your competing!!!! I should probably step up my game!!! :P

XJM Avatar
over 10 years ago

Slow N' Steady! one week is plenty of time for a short track. Least for me. Beta has been posted.

Ma-Lacky Avatar
over 10 years ago

actually some of my entrys will be remixes of my older tracks that I took down cuz they had loops!!! but ofcourse Imma make my own stuff to incorperate in them!!

Ma-Lacky Avatar
over 10 years ago

oooooooooo yea I got dizz!!!!! posted alpha!!!