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Created July 21, 2013


I have noticed that there is a heavy emphasis on more aggressive or energetic tracks on soundation. I want to make people more aware of the beauty of chilled/deep music and I want a place where people can post there chilled music and for people to appreciate it.

Like most other groups I shall regularly rotate the featured tracks. feel free to post your tracks but they must be chilled. genres like garage, lounge, chillout, ambient, cinematic and anything deep are what I am looking to get people to produce.

The best tracks are the ones that make you feel some emotions, I shall put up a few of my own tracks that I feel do that.


Audial Avatar
about 9 years ago

have a look at this for ideas

Audial Avatar
about 9 years ago

I have an idea, I shall put together a quick project with some good synths in it for you guys to get ideas from

BethlemMusic Avatar
about 9 years ago

@mtwarrior That question was probably directed at dusk, but I usually use the Mono and Supersaw instruments with each other to create my synths, they're probably my favorite instruments in the studio as they're so easy to create different sounds with.

dead. Avatar
about 9 years ago

I plan on making a 5-10 minute long chill tune. I would love some feedback/tips!

Mtwarrior Avatar
about 9 years ago

Hey I'd love if you could show some of the presets you use for your synths. I've been messing around trying to create some chill music but I can't quite get it right. I'd love any tips.