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Created December 07, 2020


Welcome to the official CHRI5 group!

Here I will post announcements, sneak peeks of unreleased tracks, and more that people only in this group will see.

You can post any type of music in this group and I’ll feature music that I like. New music will be featured every week.

Feel free to mess around in the comments section, just don’t be mean.

Join My Monthly Remix Challenge – https://soundation.com/group/official_monthly_remix_challenge


July 1 – Buzz Remix https://soundation.com/user/CHRI5/track/aikue-buzz-chri5-remix

Only rule: You can self promote in the comments just don’t spam or be annoying


Vicious V53  Avatar
Vicious V53
over 1 year ago

oh thanks I just saw lol

GoldLion ♪ Avatar
GoldLion ♪
over 1 year ago

Dude I could see Redline as a song for a game's menu screen! Nice job Vicious!

Vicious V53  Avatar
Vicious V53
over 1 year ago


Munchies Avatar
over 1 year ago

Hey guys ik it's been a while since I've posted but here's some new relaxing lofi to chill/study/sleep to https://soundation.com/user/Munchies/track/missing-you

bubble enthusiast Avatar
bubble enthusiast
over 1 year ago

Hey CHRI5 here's my rendition of your song Lonely. It's mostly just changing of instruments and clipping and pasting a couple parts. I love this track so much as it definitely speaks to how I've felt this past year. Anyways, here it is and thanks for the awesome music you create! https://soundation.com/user/bubble-enthusiast/track/lonely-by-chri5-bubble-enthusiast-remix

CHRI5 ♪ Avatar
over 1 year ago

np vicious!