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Created December 28, 2018


Share your collaborations for a chance to get featured!

Soundation’s Collab Live lets you make music in the same project with anyone in real-time. Find out more about Collab Live here.

Every week, one track that stands out the most among all “Share Your Sounds” groups will get featured on Soundation’s tracks page and posted on our social media.

Keep dropping tracks. We look forward to hearing your music!

Terms: Your tracks have to be made using Soundation. Please follow our Community Guidelines. Failure to do so will result in a ban.


Reptilian Avatar
2 months ago

Ahh please feature new collab tracks.

steezy! Avatar
3 months ago

hi im new to this site.before i used bandlab but is their anybody that does pluggnb or sofaygo type music?

T.E.N.N.E.S.S.E.E Avatar
3 months ago

@不快気分 not that much of an expert but i recommend you use parametric eq and put the preset to bass boost but turn it down equalizer a Lil bit of distortion and maybe compressor hope it helps

不快気分 Avatar
3 months ago

can sombody help me figure out how to get good bass

不快気分 Avatar
3 months ago

Hey, I'm gonna try to remix xxxtentachion joslen flores I could use some help https://soundation.com/projects/5d509dd9-9130-42f6-a4c8-c9470d7668bf

Trell Avatar
4 months ago

who wanna make a yeat type beat wit me??