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Created December 28, 2018


Share your collaborations for a chance to get featured!

Soundation’s Collab Live lets you make music in the same project with anyone in real-time. Find out more about Collab Live here.

Keep dropping tracks. We look forward to hearing your music!


MrTippy Avatar
about 2 months ago

Collab live website ERROR! 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

MrTippy Avatar
4 months ago

OK, I managed to get the Reggae tune published to my profile, so, if anyone wants to chip in and add lyrics and vocals, this is the link to hear it, and the below post is the link to collaborate if interested:- https://soundation.com/user/MrTippy/track/reggae-blast

MrTippy Avatar
4 months ago

Help requested for a reggae tune I composed. Lyrics and vocals needed Click this link to collaborate:- https://soundation.com/projects/70ac011f-30d9-476e-9fd1-96e70c74a74d Unfortunately, this track is not showing in my profile for anyone to listen to, and I can't publish it either, so it looks like anyone that wants to have a listen is the click on the above link and join the collaboration, have a listen, then leave if not interested.

MrTippy Avatar
4 months ago

I'm requesting help for a 60s feel ballad, it needs lyrics and vocals. To collaborate, click this link:- https://soundation.com/projects/ebdfd6cc-6d56-42a3-9b14-6b91249a1832 To listen click this link:- https://soundation.com/user/MrTippy/track/60s-ballad

PRINCE Caspian dela cruz 1999 Avatar

Love it

ASacredNight  Avatar
5 months ago

I'm stuck on my newer song and I don't know what to do past what I have, if you want to hear it go to my home page: https://soundation.com/user/ASacredNight1212/track/wesford if you know of an idea of how to cure my writer's block feel free to PM me for a collab.