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Created July 07, 2013

DJ Group

This group is for people who love to make there own music and love mixing tunes!!!! Please join this group if you have a passion for music and love urban funky music you can also post your songs and I will view and send you a pm and tell you what I think of it!!!!!!!!!! Thank you


DaveDevvidDavidDav Avatar
almost 9 years ago

check out my newest song so far http://soundation.com/user/davidaa02ok/track/quad-awsum

123Buddy Avatar
about 10 years ago

Just joined like the music

Isabel Walker ;) Avatar
Isabel Walker ;)
about 10 years ago

ok why don't u post some

Avyva Avatar
about 10 years ago

Ok I've published 15 Remixes the last 21 days watch my profil and say wheter you like or don't. I can life with every kind of feedback. The mixes are all Bassstep that I've invite.