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Created January 26, 2022

DNB Contest

Drum and Bass Soundation contest Announcement! 

It may have been a long time since Soundation last ran a contest like this, but the entries were more impressive than ever! We were blown away by the quality of the submissions, and as a result it gave us some large thinking to do. 

However, we both agreed that a entry relatively late in the day was able to take the win in our view! 

Congratulations SLOCM3Z on taking the overall win! In our view, “The Thug” is a top tier track, and we couldn’t believe it when we heard it – meaning it is fully deserving of not only the top spot, but also to be featured for all to see! We felt that the sampling used was brilliant, alongside incredible sound design and typical drum and bass grit. You were able to push the studio so far during the production, and we hope the prize of Creator acount, and a 12 month pass for Europa will allow you to continue expanding and improving too! 

In a very close second, we have Aikue. “You Had Gone” is a brilliant example of liquid dnb of the type we would be used to hearing from some of the industries finest. Like with SLOCM3Z, you had just about the perfect sample for the track, and the instrumentation is not only perfectly used but also demonstrates the sort of sounds we all love to hear. We will all be able to listen more on the #Drum and Bass genre group, of which your track will be featured in, alongside the other prizes listed. 

In our final spot in the top 3, we have “Emails” by ENTERORRHAGIA. This harked back to some oldschool drum and bass which was a very cool throwback and almost perfectly done. The chopped drums and the punchy bass conspired to make this a super groovy pick for us, and was defo on repeat for some time.  

However, we had to say the standards were sky high for this contest, and as the top 3 was such a hard list to pick, we have a number of honorable mentions we wished to shoutout too.  

False + Unclassic – Bass N Drum – Great experimental textures, and unbelievably good sample used. Top notch sound design too.

Sam the Giant – Godspeed – Lovely vibe, very smooth and creative, could have listened to this for hours. Great groove. 

B4S5RE4P3R – Crumb and Bass – Great atmospheric drum and bass, wubs and overall soundscape. Banger!

Volk – Safe house – Echoy vibey song adding dubstep influence into the studio, reminding us of the father of the Wub machine… great tension building and swing. 

Theman17 – hyper – Phat sawstacks encompased this well produced arping groovebox of a song. Not heard any songs by this user before, but they are definatly one to keep an eye on for future!

For everyone else, just because your song is not on this list does not mean we didn’t really enjoy listening to it! These will be on repeat for some time. If you want any feedback, don’t hesitate to message OFT for it. 

Thank you all for sharing your work. For now, check out the drum and bass genre group to see the new tracks, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for new Soundation contests coming soon! ⚡️ 

 - OFT and BLEZZ 2022


Jim Avatar
10 months ago

Hey guys, check out my dnb track: https://soundation.com/user/jd0943320/track/declaration-motivation

hi7883 Avatar
about 1 year ago

cool contenst

Sam The Giant Avatar
Sam The Giant
almost 2 years ago

Future Bass or Grime will be next contests when I get the account to set one up.

Sev Avatar
about 2 years ago

ay yo who wants to collab with me, ill be remixing my song, hyper. we'll chat on discord @SevSquad Central. if you want to collab, tell me on my profile or comment on my youtube channel, i posted the song there.

Xavier Bean Cat Avatar
Xavier Bean Cat
about 2 years ago

reasons why i cant make a song upload as it gets ERROR when i try to please:

Zastoliam (Sec acc) Avatar
Zastoliam (Sec acc)
about 2 years ago

Melodic Drumstep contest??? that will be hyphen right there xD

Missiony Avatar
about 2 years ago

i can’t make future bass lmao

Missiony Avatar
about 2 years ago

oh no not that genre lol

Amber  Avatar
about 2 years ago

future bass contest next?

Xavier Bean Cat Avatar
Xavier Bean Cat
about 2 years ago

me when i hear the songs that won: :). me understanding that theres no way to make it in soundation: *dies*