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Created March 26, 2019


Hey guys, I just made this group for people to post songs to gain popularity. There is also a competition for a feature with a topic. You don’t have to do the topic but you can if you want to. Also please subscribe to my YouTube channel @JosHakam.

So how it’s going to work is when I feel like it, I will listen to the songs in this group and choose my 3 favorite recent ones…

There is no genre but know that I enjoy EDM, Rap, and groovy beats… Oh and don’t forget drums with the high EQ turned down, those get me.


SalfaTecno Avatar
about 3 years ago

Check out my last track https://soundation.com/user/salfatecno/track/salfatecno-sleep I hope you like it, follow me for more...

CHRI5 ♪ Avatar
about 3 years ago

New collab with Fmgrolex "Visions"
Go check it out and give some feedback in the comments: https://soundation.com/user/CHRI5/track/visions-chri5-x-fmgrolex

SalfaTecno Avatar
about 3 years ago

Check out my last track; https://soundation.com/user/salfatecno/track/salfatecno-infinity I hope you like it.., follow me for more...

reptilian Avatar
over 3 years ago

sorry guys, I was noob then.. I still am, But I used to be too

American_Idiot Avatar
over 3 years ago

Hey. I'm new here and love making friends!!!!