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Created April 29, 2020

Featured Contest

Yo Banana Boy’s Group! This group looks at the best tracks ranging from Trap and Metal to Ambient and Chillout to Hiphop and Dubstep. Post your songs before May 31st to have a chance to get your song featured! Even better, you will receive feedback on what you did best in your tracks and what you need to work on. There are some rules:
-Please no spamming
-Keep comments positive
-Do not post more than 4 tracks during a single competition
-Follow the Soundation guidelines.
Have a great time creating! PM me for any questions!

Winners of our May Competition:

https://www.soundation.com/user/therealmoistwavvy/track/w-i-s-a-w-999shadows-x-wetwillie-x-bonzai Moist.wav, congratulations for first place. This track was a awesome remix of a meme sound. Good idea. Well done. Shoutout to everyone who helped with this collab.

https://www.soundation.com/user/AkatsukiMember/track/eternal-atake-by-shinobi-beats-jaydeem-999shadows-wetwillie This was a piano chillstep that was very good. Congrats Shinobi Beatz and everyone who helped with the collab.

https://www.soundation.com/user/chella5733/track/dreams-1 Congrats Chell for third place. This was a well executed chillout track that I enjoyed listening to.

Here are some honorable mentions:






Congrats to everyone who participated! This was really hard to judge. I will reach out to the Soundation Crew to see if I can get a prize for the winner(s). Keep up the good work!

FYI, I am switching over to FL Studio, but I will still be here for this group and collabs. Let me know what challenge you want in this group next.


Yo Banana Boy Avatar
Yo Banana Boy
about 3 years ago

The next winner of our contest might receive a feature.

Yo Banana Boy Avatar
Yo Banana Boy
about 3 years ago

So guys, I have these awesome loops from Cymatics. We could do a flip contest, but a lot of people with Free accounts wouldn't be able to import any of the loops. Got any ideas?

Synthestesia Avatar
over 3 years ago

Everyone's just kinda posting songs, even though the comp ended.

Synthestesia Avatar
over 3 years ago

So basically my first 6 songs. Wonderful! That can be arranged!

Peachesꕥ (inactive) Avatar
Peachesꕥ (inactive)
over 3 years ago

It's where you take a loop/sample and "flip" it, meaning you cut it up and rearrange it to make it sound like something different. It can be challenging, but also a fun and rewarding experience.

Synthestesia Avatar
over 3 years ago

I think a genre challenge. What's a flip challenge?