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Created August 07, 2021

Feedback and support

This is a group where people can share their music and give and receive feedback and constructive criticism. If you want help with your music or want some outside ears to share there opinion on an unfinished song, this is the group for you. It is also a place where you can ask for help about anything Soundation, from how to post a track or how to navigate the studio.

Collaboration can help get amazing results so in this group we can all support each other in our music journeys.

There are a couple of rules. Breaking these rules will result in a ban from the group.

1. constructive criticism only( not hate comments) If someone asks for an opinion on their track please no hate, simply give improvement suggestions. Also try to keep outside dramma out of the group and keep profanity to a minimum :)

2. no spamming or self promotion. This group is about learning and improvement, not plays and likes. please don’t just ask for people to follow you or like your song.


funk soul brother Avatar
funk soul brother
5 months ago


Bright Beats Avatar
Bright Beats
9 months ago

ok thanks for letting us know

mr-ma-am Avatar
9 months ago

People be careful when posting your beats and music. Someone in here is posting the content on youtube under this channel '"Various Artists - Topic" as their own.

Bright Beats Avatar
Bright Beats
9 months ago

sorry but I cant join that collab. i'm maxed out of projects. Maybe you can post what you have so far and then I can give you suggestions.

Bright Beats Avatar
Bright Beats
9 months ago

Ok! Would love to help. What song do you want feedback on?

9 months ago

Wait...If voxel by voxel is the same voxel then...uh oh.

Bright Beats Avatar
Bright Beats
10 months ago

hey you stole voxel's name! imposter!!! ;)

voxel. Avatar
10 months ago


Dark beatz is posibly coming back Avatar

no one talks on here :( it's the forgotten group:( bruh but i will keep it alive