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Created April 16, 2012

Hip-Hop / Rap Beats

Anybody can join :)
Just post up your latest Beats :)

So just join?


Chad-Mc'Nasty Avatar
over 10 years ago

It's been some years but I'm back now and made a new track, "ithank you".Check it out.

Irene_B Avatar
over 10 years ago

Just added myself to this group! Hope you enjoy the song I uploaded named Just Beats :)

ezequiel Avatar
about 11 years ago

Sup guys! Listen to my stuff yeah??? No Loops Used.

Sule Avatar
over 11 years ago

Check it, I re-edited my latest track to make it sound better: http://soundation.com/user/sulius/track/day-dreamin-re-edited . I even made some sweet lyrics i want to add to it as soon as i get a mic going. Its solely virtual instruments and some feedback would be awesome! Give it a like if u like it!

InvincibleUHG Avatar
over 11 years ago

Just started on soundation, so brand new to it, using free version atm, please listen to my track and let me know what you think,, need ideas for more to add to track as well please

Twilight11 Avatar
over 11 years ago

Beats not fully complete, but I wanted to share the sounds anyway. Much love. keep the music going.

Manny Avatar
over 11 years ago

added a new track Hardstyle remix its hype check it out...

Dylan B. Avatar
Dylan B.
over 11 years ago

yeah i like that idea lets team up idk how its gonna work but we should try it

Chad-Mc'Nasty Avatar
over 11 years ago

Just a random thought,(Just thought I'd throw it out there),when ever we all have some free time,we should all get together and make a song(From the group)on this studio thing,just a thought.

Chad-Mc'Nasty Avatar
over 11 years ago

New Track:"I Do Me"