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Created January 16, 2019


For everyone who loves to take a few seconds and relax, or anyone looking for a bit of old memories this is for you.
Only post beats that are chill. Post as many songs as you would like, and spread this group around. Recent tracks that show off Lo-Fi pretty well will be featured.


shinw.  Avatar
over 3 years ago

my music is out on spotify! https://open.spotify.com/album/5RPSLqnRlZBbnbVMyNPQgb

shinw.  Avatar
over 3 years ago

sup guys i made anotha one so if you want listen and pls give me feedback alright? thanx

maddj4321 Avatar
over 3 years ago

sup alll

Kage Termia Avatar
Kage Termia
over 3 years ago

Hey guys its Kage, the creator of this Lo-Fi group. I took a leave from soundation as i moved up to FL studios but im back after seeing that the group has gotten so many new members and a lot of really good skill. We are getting close to the 100 mark and I know thats a small number in light of other groups but keep in mind what 100 people look like in a room. I'm proud to be apart of this group. Lets keep pushing shall we?

sophyalopez132438 Avatar
over 3 years ago

hi OwO

C.y. Avatar
over 3 years ago

i love this place already!

Sin Factory Avatar
Sin Factory
over 3 years ago

Take a listen to Earthly Sentiments if you wanna get taken to a different place. Real life ambient sounds scattered through will surely set a city lover's heart at ease, while the leveling is calm enough that nothing will suddenly shock you.

8MZ Tracks Avatar
8MZ Tracks
over 3 years ago

Listen my music, plis! I'am new here.

Dead acc (abstrackt) Avatar
Dead acc (abstrackt)
almost 4 years ago

Shout out to R.D3 for the request in doing this extended v2 remix other one will be https://soundation.com/user/XtraStuff13/track/my-splice-lo-fi-peaceful