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Created December 25, 2013


Please only post midi tracks and don’t forget to click the FOLLOW BUTTON

If you want your track featured just send me a pm of it I’ll think about it and decide if I want it to be featured. sometimes If it’s REALLY good then I will keep it featured longer.


~~~~~~~~~Other great groups to check out~~~~~~~~~~~

- https://soundation.com/group/for-the-best-of-the-best

- https://soundation.com/group/TheMinistryOfSoundation

- https://soundation.com/group/relax-its-just-music

- https://soundation.com/group/the-movement

- https://soundation.com/group/koala-magic

~~~~~~~~~Great tracks to check out~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~ https://soundation.com/user/MusicExtreme/track/born-dangerous-remastered






-Soundcloud Users to Check Out-__________
- https://soundcloud.com/wildmc_d-cyphr

- https://soundcloud.com/backbonez

- https://soundcloud.com/edug95

- https://soundcloud.com/dj_xjm

- https://soundcloud.com/tydal-wave

- https://soundcloud.com/savaz_dubstep

Soundcloud Tracks to check out————————

~ https://soundcloud.com/zekiel-dye/the-dark-side

~ https://soundcloud.com/backbonez/welcome-to-the-real-world-ft

~ https://soundcloud.com/tydal-wave/botelho-wip-again

~ https://soundcloud.com/bondax/duke-dumont-i-got-u-ft-jax

~ https://soundcloud.com/adriel-quiles/razumataz-electric-dubstep

All this will be changed every 2/3 weeks, on Friday’s.


Outzyder Avatar
almost 7 years ago

Hey there! check out my new track! I hope you guys like it --> https://soundation.com/user/ozd/track/cosmosis

Outzyder Avatar
almost 7 years ago

Hey there! I have a new track. It's in 7/4 time. Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it. https://soundation.com/user/ozd/track/chant-of-the-harpy-eagle-7-4-beat

Outzyder Avatar
almost 7 years ago

Hey guys! I have a sample of a song that I working on, and it would be sincerely appreciated if I got some feedback on it :) https://soundation.com/user/ozd/track/aproxy-sample-feedback-needed

Outzyder Avatar
about 7 years ago

Please check out my latest track "Relocation". hope you like it... I would like feedback, since this is only my 2nd track, would mean alot! : ) https://soundation.com/user/ozd/track/relocation

Dr.Music Avatar
about 7 years ago

https://soundation.com/group/thewinter-music-contest Wanna Test Your Music Skills? Join This Contest!

jdhuirnw893wei Avatar
over 7 years ago

Just dropped my EP: https://www.rappad.co/albums/m-e-t-h-my-entrance-to-heaven-ep Produced by users from SOUNDATION! Trap Rap fans, check it out!