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Created May 10, 2012

Music Of The World

The aim of this group is to share music from all over the world. From the United States to Russia, the United Kingdom to France, Brazil to China and so forth! I would like this group to focus primarily on the styles of music from all over the world but won’t be mad for people wanting to show their work in their style. From polka to Latino. Dance and funk to rock and classical. We are music artists from around the world and are proud to say so!


Redemski12 Avatar
almost 7 years ago

Hey Please check out my group called TheBeatMakers and maybe give us some advice/help? Thanks. BTW: your songs are great!

Ezefra Avatar
over 8 years ago

Please check out my music :3

D-Nice Avatar
over 10 years ago

Just joined please check me out thanks

paulinaomel Avatar
almost 11 years ago

Hi, like my track :) Im hard of hearing.

theoftus Avatar
about 11 years ago

I'm back online! Get out your subwoofers for my new dubstep song, http://soundation.com/user/savaz1/track/super-basses-dubstep, and the house/club song http://soundation.com/user/savaz1/track/clubstep-house! Enjoy!