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Created December 07, 2014

♫♪♫ Music Inspiration ♫♪♫

This group is dedicated to Music. Any type of genres. Whether it’s Dubstep, Hip-Hop/RNB, Electronica,etc. Everyone is welcomed in this group! We’ve reached our goals as well. There are also Amazing Songs on Soundation. I haven’t been updating this group for awhile. Feature Update: Every 2 weeks there will be new tracks featured.

News: Anyone Who Wants to Remix Dilemma There will be an Sng File in another Group https://soundation.com/group/official-remixes

Rules: Be Mature, Respect Others, Make Music, Have Fun. No pointing people out in a rude way.

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😊💕Walnut🥰🙃 (OFFLINE) Avatar

Please help me honor my dad's service by liking this track. It has been two months, but it is still so very hard for me (read the description you will understand). https://soundation.com/user/Walnut/track/memorial-this-is-for-you-dad-by

CHRI5 ♪ Avatar
over 2 years ago

My Christmas album is out now! I spent a lot of time on it I’d appreciate it if you could listen to it and give me some feedback 🙂 https://soundation.com/group/merry_chri5mas_album

DJ ANG3L Avatar
over 6 years ago

NEW REMIX ACTIVE, Please give feedback on my track and enjoy this https://soundation.com/user/ANGELOLIVEROS/track/theorgeyofficial-massive-angel-oliveros-remix

Midi Queen Avatar
Midi Queen
over 6 years ago

https://soundation.com/group/am-i-an-alien Check out my new group, We also have a group chat. Link in Group Bio

Midi Queen Avatar
Midi Queen
almost 7 years ago

check out my account guys, i made a new song, thnx :3 https://soundation.com/user/MojdaS/track/avril-lavigne

KryptiK BeatZ Avatar
KryptiK BeatZ
about 7 years ago

New Hard Emotional R&B/Trap Instrumental https://soundation.com/user/Kryptikbeatz/track/hear-me-1