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(New) Featuring Sounds 0.2 Group Profile Picture
Created September 28, 2017

(New) Featuring Sounds 0.2

Welcome to the FEATURING SOUNDS page!

Soon to be the best and most active group on Soundation ℹ

What is Featuring Sounds?
Featuring sounds to give you and everyone an opportunity to have your track featured here for others to listen to and get inspired by. But you must have the highest number of votes in the group tracks. OR recommendations to the lucky person! ALSO here there will be a random draw to feature a track out of all of the tracks posted. Good luck everyone!

How to submit?

Here we allow any genre, but please avoid using the default recorded sounds. use instrumental channels or convert with other programs. If you use loops from Soundation it may be deleted. BUT! if you use loops of your own, GO NUTS!

The Prize!

Every weeks I will be taking the top featuring tracks and creating 2-3 videos on youtube! It will be uploaded with custom visualizers and effects!

YouTube Channel

List of Songs to be added to the YouTube Playlist
|4. ₡h0r₫5 [Extended] By: Chorial_
Short-Circuit [Original] By: E-ZENCE
feelings By: ŊŲƘƫ
Eclipse (Original Mix) By: K I W I X
High on Life [Original] By: E-ZENCE
Let’s Bounce (Original Mix) By: The Analyst
Kiss Me By: JDYK1234
Brazen By: SLOCM3Z

Up in playlist now

She was Love itself By: Chordial
Diamond Soul By: JHXC

Final Stand By: Concept


SlightlyBaked[E-Zence] Avatar
almost 5 years ago

How did it take me so long to join this group? I guess it's better now than later

Michelle Moore Avatar
Michelle Moore
almost 5 years ago

hey guys just joined whats up

jtpck Avatar
almost 5 years ago

m y s o n g i s j u s t s i t t i n g t h e r e

Voxel Music - (read bio) Avatar
Voxel Music - (read bio)
almost 5 years ago

etna out now

Icohedron Avatar
almost 5 years ago

I think this is my best song so far https://soundation.com/user/heberbjones4294/track/dancing-with-the-organ

Delussio Avatar
about 5 years ago

Wait. So MY song is going to be on the YouTube Channel?!? Wayow. thx!!