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Created March 11, 2012

Real Hip Hop Artists

It doesn’t have to be ongoing hip-hop, although it is recommended. If you can make a good beat, it will be featured. I will be honest, songs where the beat is exactly the same throughout the majority of the duration (a major loop) probably will not get featured


binky Avatar
almost 12 years ago

just posted a track let me know what u think.

@NoFollow_iLead Avatar
almost 12 years ago


boo Avatar
almost 12 years ago

just started makin beats i dont fuck around wit the library too much just enough to gimme a canvas. i like petunia personally lemme know whatchu think and hit up my other shit on my page

Twilight11 Avatar
almost 12 years ago

New on the scene. beats arent final, but I'll share the sound anyway. Much Love

Kandle Hott Avatar
Kandle Hott
almost 12 years ago

New comer with new music so take a listen you'll find yourself nodding your head only to catch yourself like...this sounds nice....let me hear what else she has to offer...lol... Leave it up to Kandle...she'll make it Hott.

Wheeler  Avatar
almost 12 years ago

About time i find a hip hop group. the rest is all electro, sooo easy to make with the help of library, but my beats are from scratch, so i take time making my beats