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Created November 04, 2018


Share your #Downtempo tracks for a chance to get featured!

This group is for music you can fill the dream world with. From Ambient, Electronica, Chill Out to New Age, share your drifting downtempo soundscapes here and get lost in a calming hum of blissed-out melodies. Lovers of Synthwave and Vaporwave, this place is for you too. Wrap yourself in this cloud of sound for hours of contemplative bliss and sonic still frame.

Every week, one track that stands out the most among all “Share Your Sounds” groups will get featured on Soundation’s tracks page and posted on our social media.

Keep dropping tracks. We look forward to hearing your music!

Terms: Your tracks have to be made using Soundation. Please follow our Community Guidelines. Failure to do so will result in a ban.


LeafTree Avatar
3 months ago

https://soundation.com/user/LeafTree/track/dreed this song is actually pretty uptempo but IDK there aren't many popular groups

Cv Avatar
5 months ago

Alright so everyone pointed out I did not sing it...Yeah no I didn't sing it live because Im not feeling up for it. I only went live to show my account being active again and some have pointed out that I used auto tune...yes I do but because my voice lights to randomly crack. Some parts of the song was recorded but I was really lip syncing. I dont do live that often and my software was desyncing with the music so oof. I run a potato pc. Cya suckers! Love ya lol Cv

Cv Avatar
5 months ago

Alright mates! We got a green light! Attention is releasing tonight at 11:45!!! It feels like I fucked up someone's life tho...I might change this... I'm doing this for a reason

DvR Avatar
5 months ago

https://soundation.com/user/DvR/track/just-chill pls leave a like or a comment

Ark-876 Avatar
7 months ago

Anybody wanna do a collab? Pm me.

𝒱𝒾𝒸𝑒#𝒞𝑜𝓊𝓃𝓉 Avatar

https://soundation.com/user/Energeticbeats/track/dark-moon-rap-type-beat New song out now, I will be posting a new one soon. I will put it on here, If you like it a lot give me a vote too!

Ark-876 Avatar
8 months ago

https://soundation.com/t/e9ocb Back at it again making more music or remixing it, Imagine Dragons Demons