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Created May 05, 2012

Sound of Advancement

Skits has passed along leadership to me, and I will try to make it just as good as he left it :)

The contest will continue, and I have the bracket saved and showable to you guys here’s the link.

Contest Bracket


Ma-Lacky Avatar
over 10 years ago

yoo please invite me :D

♥RancidAngel♥ Avatar
over 10 years ago

Hey, check out my newest Track titled Angel's lulliby~ <3 http://soundation.com/user/FIRE/track/angel-s-lulliby

Delica Avatar
over 10 years ago

Hey guys I just produced a real quick track called "Audiophile". Yes I know its really rough but I barely have any time to produce tracks anymore :( Im not very happy with the ending of the track... but eh Im just happy I could produce SOMETHING

Heywhatchadoing? Avatar
over 10 years ago

Ok, now my new song is actually on my profile page, now you can go and check it! :)

Big Roshi Avatar
Big Roshi
over 10 years ago

Hey guys! Please. Check out my wip hardcore, I felt the need to put my premium account to use so my next few songs will be made from those loops they provide, considering there are soooo many to. Hose from, I'm gonna have quite a lot of songs coming out. Also, my birthday is coming up so I will be gettIng a brand new computer to make beats on, so happy me haha :)

Xodus Avatar
over 10 years ago

:O I have so many memories from this group.....Memories

Ma-Lacky Avatar
over 10 years ago

hey man please listen to this http://soundation.com/user/ma-lacky/track/dangerous also please invite :) (up to u)

UkSound Avatar
over 10 years ago

Hey peeps! Check my music out !!!!

Triskelight Avatar
over 10 years ago

Uh....I only complained about one troll and only said one thing about him....But okay DevilStop. Well anyways check out my newest track! It's just a wip.... But well here it is. http://soundation.com/user/The_Arctic_Fox/track/aquarium-wip The drum beat is made by me.