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Created November 11, 2013

The Best Users Under 21

Anyone (Under 21 years old) can join this group!
I’m not active enough to update the Featured tracks (im lazy af), so I will no longer being doing that. Meanwhile, see what nice tracks we young people can come up with!


U-Neon Avatar
over 9 years ago

My remix of Avicii's track "Levels". My best track so far, unfortunately I can't publish it anywhere else because of that copyright s**t :( http://soundation.com/user/anthrazite/track/avicii-levels-anthrazite-remix

Adam Gleeson Avatar
Adam Gleeson
over 9 years ago

Hey guys, I'm about to leave this group. Sorry, I just don't check in very much. If you like my tracks, though, click CircleWithSides and check em out. FREE DOWNLOADS. See ya.

Lynxed Avatar
over 9 years ago

Hey guys! A *gasps* new track?!?! YES! Listen here! --> http://soundation.com/account/tracks/500028/edit

Wally Avatar
over 9 years ago

Please check out my newest FULL song http://soundation.com/user/cosmicmusic496/track/the-key-remix

Lynxed Avatar
over 9 years ago

My Palm Muted Guitar Style :) --> http://soundation.com/user/hijackofficial/track/palm-muted-guitar

 G@m3r Pr0d!gy Avatar
G@m3r Pr0d!gy
over 9 years ago

Hi, I was just browsing here on soundation, when I came upon this group. I was wondering if I could possibly join. I am 14 (almost 15) and have been doing soundation for almost 2 years now. I like making more electronic- oriented tracks, mainly dubstep and drumstep. I am currently working to move away from loops and start using MIDI. Please let me know if I can join! Thanks. currently my best track: http://soundation.com/user/g-mer-pr0d-gy/track/asylum-drumstep

DigitalReject Avatar
over 9 years ago

I love low standards. http://soundation.com/user/DigitalReject/track/unorthodox (Hopefully the link works)