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Created April 09, 2017

The Sound Chamber

Yes this group is still alive in 2020, i wanna try and get the chat back up again and people thriving!

No posting links to songs in chat… it’s a chat, not a soundtrack, that’s why you’re able to post your songs.

Feel free to add links to your soundcloud, we would love to support you there too!

Most importantly, have fun! this is a safe environment, feel free to ask about feedback or talk to each other in general.


K I T C S H (PolyVersse) Avatar
K I T C S H (PolyVersse)
almost 5 years ago

new featured track?!?!

Sapphire Vortex Avatar
Sapphire Vortex
almost 5 years ago

yo, itz golden vortex's sister

Golden Vortex Avatar
Golden Vortex
almost 5 years ago

puddle$, glad to have you finally to the sound chamber, thanks for joining

Geo Avatar
about 5 years ago

Can you change the featured tracks?