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That dead Top 10 Page ;) Group Profile Picture
Created July 11, 2014

That dead Top 10 Page ;)

This group is dead but I check in every once in a while and new people keep showing up, you guys seem to be using it as a music sharing outlet so, I’m just going to continue leaving it here for you guys to share… like I’ve been doing this entire time already… Idk why your’re still reading this, I have nothing more to tell you… Go and give feedback or something idk lmao


Swr.ratGRL Avatar
about 2 years ago

Aww man. I remember when this was active ;;w;;

THOЯN Avatar
over 2 years ago

check this out, he's getting better https://soundation.com/user/RAZORofficial/track/dragon-dance

Prod. Zay (formely GT) Avatar
Prod. Zay (formely GT)
almost 3 years ago

Yo check this out

THOЯN Avatar
almost 3 years ago

new track!

Swr.ratGRL Avatar
about 3 years ago

In my opinion this group is kinda dead but whatever lol. Here's a kind of (Snthwave? Vaporwavish-Funk?) for you. Also go listen to Analog 2 by Odd Future.

👉ʀᴇʟᴀX ʙᴇᴀᴛᴢ👈 Avatar

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