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Created April 03, 2015

up the beat dubstep

this is a contest! i will vote on the best tracks. make sure to vote because second place will be based on the most votes. third place will be based on most likes and first place track will be of my choosing. fourth place will be most downloads. don’t forget to post your tracks!!!!!!!!

1. i like originality. different tracks with new beats.

2. no copying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. make sure to allow others to download your tracks.

4. i will choose a winner once a week so stay tuned.

5. this is the most important rule yet……….HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!


ok guys, i’m going to vote for the best track in two days, so start posting tracks.i’m also going to add a genre contest next week.

thank you for joining and following it means a lot to me.