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[this project has concluded] Avatar
[this project has concluded]
almost 4 years ago

lmbo your powerful chords before the drop? pretty sure a lot of artists do that. i think that this track was started with my bad speakers and finished with my good ones, so that's probably why everything's all over the place.

ohokay Avatar
almost 4 years ago

actually, maybe not clipping, but devastatingly loud and just... (no offense) kinda unpleasant in that first part that looks like a brick.

ohokay Avatar
almost 4 years ago

Y U B E A N I D E A T H E I F ? ! ok, actual feedback now. love the wubs, that saw is clipping, like everywhere. that second drop is something i would pay for, not so much the first drop tho. you even stole my powerful chords before the drop thingy D:

Oscillation Avatar
almost 4 years ago

first like