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Oozzie Avatar
over 11 years ago

i like it. but when you say it was all inspired by a single whistle, i was hoping you would do more to the whistle than merely have it play in certain spots. try creating a rhythm out of it, and i must agree with dusk. the drums in the second half are pretty messy. i reckon it just doesn't suit the song

Star17 Avatar
over 11 years ago

WOW this track is dope yo lol....nicely done :)

Snuka D.A.$.H Avatar
Snuka D.A.$.H
over 11 years ago

I really like what you did with this. I also distort my drums in certain songs also. Please check out my music. I hope you like it.

ComPlex Avatar
over 11 years ago

thanks duskmusicuk im glad u did, and bout the drums, think about it this way, have you ever seen a parade? Those are loud and messy, so the drums were a sort of symbol to that, it was purposeful. But maybe i should have mentioned that in the description :p

Audial Avatar
over 11 years ago

From the description it sounds like you are proud of the distorted drums in the second half, are you? I think they sound messy and unpleasant, however I did very much enjoy the first half