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koalamusicmaker23 Avatar
over 5 years ago

I like it but maybe you should add on after this and put more sounds on it and build up the volume slowly. Good job! Feel free to check out the songs on my page. I recommend Galaxy, the west, and battle but let me know what you think about all of them :)

I2OLATE  Avatar
over 6 years ago

ye keep it.

dj lil' sniper Avatar
dj lil' sniper
over 6 years ago

fits nice remove the beginning, but good luck.

SoulessAroun' Avatar
over 6 years ago

Don't really like that brass for the main melody but go ahead and finish it.

Ginny Avatar
over 6 years ago

You totally need to keep this!

Lil'Reaper BeatFactory Avatar
Lil'Reaper BeatFactory
over 6 years ago

Keep it even if you don't work on it now, you'll only regret not being able to work on it later.

Yeezo Beats Avatar
Yeezo Beats
over 6 years ago

This is dope totally keep it!!

Kagar Avatar
over 6 years ago

It's pretty good, love the drums pattern, it all fits so perfectly.