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Eden Pigeon ♪ Avatar
Eden Pigeon ♪
over 3 years ago

ey not ded

TOKYO (Old acc) Avatar
TOKYO (Old acc)
over 3 years ago


Dead Dave Avatar
Dead Dave
over 3 years ago

@Peaches Thank you! The drum fill was my creation.

Peachesꕥ (inactive) Avatar
Peachesꕥ (inactive)
over 3 years ago

BRO! That drum thing at 0:26, I do that all the time! It's my favorite drum thing to do! (the word choice though) Used it in my "To the Melody" remix at 01:42. Was that your idea or Wander's? Honestly, I think the sound quality is fine. I would have liked to compared this to the orig. but honestly, I think it's pretty amazing. The intro hooked me. Good track overall. 👍🏼

Dead Dave Avatar
Dead Dave
over 3 years ago

Soundations compression seemed to have ruined a lot of the sound quality. Higher quality version will be avaliable on my soundcloud and youtube later.