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LiLo Avatar
over 2 years ago

OD I shouldv'e made it clear that this track was for anybody who would wanna rap about this blackout "Tuesday"

little hollow  Avatar
little hollow
over 2 years ago

Kind of repetitive, but has potential. Maybe try and vary between sounds, different melodies in the same track, different beat patterns, different instrument introductions, etc. Good job though.

[PROD @YBP] Avatar
over 2 years ago

time zones is dumb it's tuesday where you at but friday for me #NO EDUCATION GANG

💔❾➈9𝓢HⒶᗪöώ𝓢❤️‍🩹 Avatar

this like the beta version of my masters track lol not tryna be funny im saying cause it's slower has similar sound components and is very smooth while mine is hard as shit