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HAIZ Avatar
over 4 years ago

do u still check my music and stuff? do u have a main goal in music and can i help with it?

Chordial Avatar
over 4 years ago

can't wait to hear the material on your new album...and my question is, what was it about soundation that made you love making music?

Skyez Avatar
over 4 years ago

lol, i said i was coming back, but i haven't really. gl with whatever you do :D

Dead Dave Avatar
Dead Dave
over 4 years ago

Gonna miss you, while I dont have a question, Im impressed in how much youve grown. GL out there, youre gonna do great

Rave Avatar
over 4 years ago

do you think soundation has helped you grow as a person ?

overdoze Avatar
over 4 years ago

and what do you do for a living? school? work? I WAANAA KNOW XDDDDDD

overdoze Avatar
over 4 years ago

oh hell ye dude, see you on soundcloud

[this project has concluded] Avatar
[this project has concluded]
over 4 years ago

oml that old profile pic was the STUFF.

now questions. Remember me? Collab bro xD? How's life going? do you need anything? want cookies?

Caffeinayt Avatar
over 4 years ago

Spaes he already has FL

blind euphoria. Avatar
blind euphoria.
over 4 years ago

(The Answers To Your Questions Will Be Posted On Soundcloud, Not On Soundation)